Pickup Driver PITs Himself Cutting Off A Semi

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

As if causing the accident wasn’t bad enough, trying to make it seem like it ...

As if causing the accident wasn’t bad enough, trying to make it seem like it wasn’t your fault thinking nobody’s going to know any better, is even worse. A driver of this old pickup truck blatantly misjudged a distance between himself and the semi he was trying to cut off, ended up basically doing one of those PIT maneuvers on himself. And for those who don’t know, a PIT maneuver, is when you force another car to lose control and abruptly turn sideways with a sole purpose of bringing it to a complete stop. Police tactics aside, looking at this clip you will see that not only does the failed overtaking maneuver result in a driver of a pickup losing control of his car, it also causes him to hit a barrier before spinning around helplessly and coming to the halt on the opposite side of the road. The semi with the dashcam proceeds to pull over on a shoulder, as does another vehicle whose occupants probably only wanted to see if they could help anybody in need. And as it turns out, a man in the pickup was looking for the confrontation as if he had nothing to do with losing control of his vehicle. His facial expression changes the second the driver of a semi points to his dashcam.

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