How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If you’ve ever driven the car then you’ve wasted time in traffic. ...

If you’ve ever driven the car then you’ve wasted time in traffic. That’s just how a world works no matter where you live. And when traffic hits, most people look around to see if someone ahead has crashed, if the light has suddenly turned red, or if a pack of wild dogs has strayed into a road. After you look around, you see nothing and traffic soon starts moving again. And how did traffic seem to appear out of nowhere? Can science explain why? Obviously it can. YouTube channel AsapScience is here to explain a phenomenon that is traffic. The video below explains that traffic mainly exists because drivers are not able to keep the constant speed. Even if there were no other factors, the group of drivers driving on the endless road would still cause each other to have to stop due to the lack of the constant shared speed.

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