10 Fictional Rides That Bring Out The Little Kid In All Of Us

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

#3.  Fred Flintstone’s Car

Fred’s Flintmobile would be higher up on the list, except it lacks many amenities that would make it a desirable vehicle — power steering, air conditioning, a floor and what about the fact that the car had no brakes?  How did he get the car to stop, you ask?  Fred famously uses his own feet to stop the car,  he just digs his heels into the ground and they absorb all the frictional forces until the stones stop rolling.  Although it is far from practical, the Flintstones did the best with what they had.  The Flintmobile is definitely not something that you would want to drive during rush hour, but I doubt traffic was much of a problem in the Stone Age.  Fred mostly drove his car to the quarry where he worked and then back home again. Occasionally he would get the family together and go to the drive-in and then out to dinner, where Fred would order ribs so large that they would tip the car over.  Funny thing though, Fred ordered those ribs every time they went out to dinner knowing that they were going to tip his car over.  The man must really love him some ribs.

That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?