You Have To See How Swedes Race Volvo FH Truck With A Koenigsegg

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Is it possible to race a full fledged Volvo truck with the best of the best – Koenigsegg One:1!? Apparently, yes! As a promotional video for their new double clutch transmission (first in a truck)for their massive FH truck, Volvo put to the test the best Swedish supercar against the best Swedish truck. Tiff Needell was behind the wheel of the 560 HP truck, while the official Koenigsegg test driver was driving the ultimate car fantasy One:1 which has an engine delivering 1.360 HP. The truck passed only one lap on the track while the Koenigsegg made two. The conclusion? The Volvo FH is as half as fast as Koenigsegg One:1, which is astonishing!


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