WOW!!! WICKED 3000+HP Hemi CUDA On Radials

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This is one wicked 3000+hp HEMI CUDA like we have not seen before. Running on ...

This is one wicked 3000+hp HEMI CUDA like we have not seen before. Running on radials this car is even crazier and now it is rated at stunning 3000+ horsepower. Can you imagine what kind of deal this vehicle can do on the drag race strip? It will be awesome as this is one promising ride and one experienced driver that we are talking about. There is no hood on the car so we can clearly see the awesome HEMI engine that is sticking out of the car. That is the air intake that is out but we can also see a block too as the camera moves. WOW! What a great build from the team here on the 1968 Cuda, a lot of men hours has been clocked on the vehicle and now the finished product is a piece of art that people who worked on it can show off with. And we can see also the drag racing rear tires being installed. Those wide rubbers can do damage on asphalt and maybe smoke some Coyote’s ass on a way. In fact this awesome car is more powerful than most of drag racers that we have seen before and having the rank of 3000+ horsepower on the stats is making it even terrifying. And what other driver could stand next to the HEMI CUDA and not have his legs shook? Well, it takes a lot of guts to drive this vehicle too as this is madly built CUDA that is going to rip those tires out and race on rims only. Well, let’s not even talk about the amount of fuel that this car will spend on the race or two, and that was not on the team’s mind when they were building a HEMI engine, they just wanted the winning car and they got it.

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