Motorcyclists Beat An SUV Driver After Insanity Ensues On the Streets Of New York!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We all tend to get a little nervous when a gang of motorcyclists pass us on the road, but imagine a group of 20 to 30 of them encompassing your entire vehicle while on the road. In this video that happens to one SUV and the outcome is pure insanity. It all started when the group of motorcyclists had driven around the SUV, it appears that one of the bikers slows down right in front of the car which results in the SUV hitting the back tire and accidentally breaking the leg of the motorcyclist. As a result the other motorcyclists turn on the SUV and begin punching his car and slitting his tires. In a panic the SUV decides to plow through the remaining motorcyclists running over 3 more. It does not stop there, the remaining motorcyclists decide to get back on their bikes and chase down the SUV and ultimately catch up with the driver. The bikers bash in his window and continue to beat the driver. It is insanity you would think only happens in films, but this was all caught live action on the streets of NY. To witness the insanity first hand click below!

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