Can Bait Bike Pranks Get Any More Cruel Than This?

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TwinzTV is back with a new episode of their niche channel, which can best be ...

TwinzTV is back with a new episode of their niche channel, which can best be described as thief-bullying. What they do is they set up an apparently unattended bike in a public place, hide somewhere nearby with a camera and wait for a would-be bike thief to show up and try to steal it. Then the pranksters would film the thief as he enters the world of pain.

Their pranks are getting more elaborate with each new episode; they started the series off by simply tying bicycle to a tree, then the pranks matured into shocking thieves with a taser in a bike seat, and now they somehow managed to hide an airbag below the seat that explodes as thieves pedal away.

So where can they go from here?

Someone commented on YouTube that the next prank should involve C4 explosive in the seat, and at the rate the things are going, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

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